Copper hydroxycarbonate

Malachite is a beautiful green gemstone with swirling patterns of dark green and  black bands. The green color vary in shades  from light to very dark and thimg_1843e color is due to presence of cooper. The more water that is in the copper,  makes lighter green malachite, also the smaller amount of water makes the green color darker. The absence of water completely produces a black striping.  It is often found in association with azurite, calcite, or goethite. The name Malachite comes from the Greek  malache, meaning “mallow” (green leaves of the medical plant).  The biggest deposits are found in Russia (Ural mountain), Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia, Mexico, Australia, England, Israel, France and USA.

Malachite was adornment and prized since ancient times. The King Solomon’ cooper  mines on the Red Sea exported malachite to Egypt around 4,000 BC.  In Egypt malachite was used for jewelry, talismans and decorative objects. Also the stone was  ground into green paint. Was used for paints and dyes in Europe during the Renaissance period (15th and 16th centuries). The greatest Michelangelo used malachite-based oil paint for painting the Sistine Chapel. In Russia malachite was favorite stone for decoration in the palaces and churches. It was used for pillars, huge columns and encased walls. In early 1800′s  had become very fashionable for jewelry.

It is believe that malachite  brings calm, emotional  balance and harmony into one’s life. It tends to draw negative energy and disharmony into itself. It is considered to be a highly protective stone. Since ancient times used as talisman against evil and protection from danger and illness. It is believe that aids for good physical balance, and strength the immune system.

Good for endurance.

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