Aluminum silicate

Kyanitimg_2039e forms long, flat, prismatic crystals, often in association with other minerals  as quartz, garnets, andalusite, staurolite,  and biotite. It has an unique unusual hardness property – in the longitudinal direction it is 4.5, and in the transverse direction is much higher – 6.5 .  This  make it difficult to work with in the jewelry industry. It is very prized by mineral collectors. It has different colors – blue, green, black, white, gray,  pink, yellow  and has a vitreous, pearly, or dull luster and white streak.

Deposits are found in many places around the world, but the biggest are in Brazil, USA, Canada, Russia, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Kenya, South Africa and China.

It is believed that Kyanite  frees energy blocks and aligns chakras. It is  good for yin/yang balance. Used for meditation – brings calm and tranquility.


Enhances creative expression.

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