Aluminum and sodium double  silicate

Jade was prized since immemorial times and used for jewelry, ornamental items, and talismans. In ancient China this stone was “emblem of perfection”.  It represents justice and honesty.  The jade Buddha is still symbol of calm strength. It was a holy stone for Incas and  Aztecs.  They used it in human sacrifices  when they offered human lives and blood to the Gods in exchange for rebirth. The Shamans have  used  jade for access to spiritual  worlds.  In many different cultures  it is believed that jade represents  wisdom, compassion, forgiveness , and understanding. It is good for emotional balance, confidence and grounding.  Helps reaching dreams, goals and ideals. Used as talisman for protection.

Jade has many different colors – green, brown, yellow, orange, cream, white, blue, lavender, gray and black. The colors sometimes mix and pattern or vein the rock. Deposits are found in China, Japan, Myanmar, Tibet,  Mexico, Peru, Italy, and Greece.

It is a “feel better stone”.

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