Magnesium iron silicate

Peridot is a variety of Chrysolite. It is known also as Olivine. It is usually found in a granular, crystalline, or massive form in association with other minerals as chromite diopside, serpentine, feldspar, augite, and spinel. It is also found inside many iron meteorites. Has a lime, olive, or green to yellow-green color. Peridot is worldwide available, bud the biggest deposits are found in China, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Zaire, Ethiopia,  Pakistan, Mexico, Myanmar, USA (Hawaii and Arizona), Canary Islands and Sri Lanka.

Used for jewelry since ancient times. It was favorite in Egypt, Persia, the Orient and Europe. Peridot was widely used for making talismans to keep evil spirits away. It is believe that calms the jealousy and anger, and enhances emotional clarity.

It is a “feel better”  stone.

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