Aluminum silicate

Garnet is a name used to describe a group of silicate minerals. It is found in metamorphic and igneous rock, as a variety of different crystal systems with either 12 rhombus or 24 trapezoidal faces, also as in granular and massive forms. It forms  under extremely high temperature and pressure. There are a few variety Рalmandine, pyrope, spessartine, grossular, andradite and uvarovite. The most popular is almandine. The deep, glossy red color is like a pomegranate juicy seed, and its name derived from the Latin word granatum (pomegranate seed). The deep wine red color results from iron and chromium. The spessartine red-orange color is due to manganese.Deposits of garnet are found in Africa,Europe, Russia, India, Madagascar, Pakistan, USA, Brazil, Sri Lanka.

Garnets were favorite for jewelry since ancient times. Also they were used as talismans for protection, and given as a gift of passion and love. It is believe that garnet aid the treatment of depression and melancholy, and has a life force effect.

img_2025Brings emotional balance. Helps you to concentrate on the details of everyday life.

Promotes personal and business success.

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