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Jasper is a variety of opaque chalcedony (kind of quartz, with large granulation).  The name comes from the Greek  iaspis – meaning “agate”. Worldwide available in many different colors – yellow, green, brown, purple, blue and red. Very often found in mixed colors and patterns, spotted, speckled, stripped or iridescent. It is  known with different names – mookaite, brecciated jasper, picture jasper, orbicular jasper,  Picasso jasper, sesame jasper, heliotrope  and Kambaba jasper. Because of its beauty  jasper have been loved and used since the ancient times for img_1932making jewelry and ornamental items.  People wore it as talisman and protection from evil eye. It is believed that jasper represents eternal youth, renewal, and revelation.  Good for yin/yang balance.

Worldwide available , but biggest deposits are found in India, Africa, South/North America, Russia and France.

Jasper keeps your spirit up and helps you  to achieve your goals.

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