Hydrated copper silicate

Chrysocolla  is carbonate cooper gemstone. Usually occurs in massive forms, but can also be found as inclusions in associated minerals, such as  azurite,  cuprite,  malachite, limonite and quartz. It has a vivid  blue – green color, with black, brown or white streak. Deposits of Chrysocolla have been found in Africa  ( DR Congo ),  Mexico, Peru, USA (Arizona) , where large copper deposits occur.  It is believe that Chrysocolla can soothe, calm and inspire. Has the ability to bring harmony and increase  wisdom. Chrysocolla has been used to bring calm feelings  where there is internal turmoil, and  it is believed that can be purify a place or restore balance to a person.  Among the Native American culture is known  as a healing stone and has been used to strengthen the body’s resistance to illness .

Chrysocolla  is a gemstone  of prosperity, luck and fortitude.

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