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Onyx is multicolored variety of chalcedony.

Can be found in different colors – black, white, gray, blue, red, yellow, brown and orange. The brown-red variimg_20051ety is known also as sardonyx. The white or gray-banded stone is known as chalcedonyx.

Onyx has been popular for thousands of years. It is worldwide available at affordable prices. The biggest deposits are found in Mexico, Madagascar, Brazil, South Africa, India and South America.

Onyx is known as healing stone for thousands of years. It is believe that relieve the stress and helps in concentration. Good for yin/yang balance. Overcome apathy and helps you take charge of situations. Onyx is good for decision-making.

In different cultures used as talisman for protection from the evil eye.

Brings LUCK and HAPPINESS  in the home.

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